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The Naval Wargames Society and its members are interested in all forms and scales of maritime wargaming, and have been since the birth of the society on December 4th 1965 . The society was originally started by Phil Dunn (Pictured Left), and Colin Bishop. Originally society games were held in Chessington, and in later years moving to North Holmwood. Other prominent members in the early days were John Hammond and Tony Anderson, founders of Skytrex and Navwar. 1994 saw the merger between the NWS and the "Battleship club", which was also started by Phil Dunn. A return to wargaming in 1993 by Phil saw the NWS expand, with regional groups being established in Kent(Ashford), Thames Valley(Mortimer), Wessex(Trowbridge) and Surrey(North Holmwood).

In recognition of the society's goal to promote naval wargaming, and to act as a forum for the exchange of information, it produces two publications: a journal called "Battlefleet" published approximately once a quarter, and a monthly news letter, "All Guns Blazing". Not only does the society encourage their members to write articles about wargaming, and maritime history, but it also encourages member participation by frequently holding multiplayer naval wargames. (See here) As well as these games, the Regional groups of the society sometimes represent NWS at gaming conventions, an example of this is the Lissa game run by the North Hull Wargames group.




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Membership of the NWS (see subscription details here) entitles individuals to a range of benefits, including discounts from the following manufacturers;







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Another great advantage of joining the NWS is the chance to join in with its annual holiday. For several years this was a trip to America to visit sites/vessels of historic importance but in 1998 the trip was to Germany/Poland to see Gdynia and the WW2 Polish Destroyer "Blyskawica" and the 1999 holiday was to Greece.

The NWS is also an entirely voluntary organisation, thus it is not commercially motivated, and as such the decisions about its future rest strongly with the members, and the elected committee.







Contact Details

  • Chairman: Stuart Barnes Watson Email
  • Treasurer, Membership: Simon Stokes Email
  • "Battlefleet" Editor : Stuart Fieldhouse Email
  • "All Guns Blazing" Editor: Norman Bell Email





The Society's constitution can be viewed on-line at this location.

A subscription form can be downloaded from here  (Adobe Acrobat).

The constitution of the Naval Wargames society is available for download, click here.














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