Shipwreck is a new set of modern fast play naval rules writen by Martin Bourne and published by Vandering Publications. As Martin says in his introduction, they are "geared towards fast and enjoyable play of a tactical battle, without sacraficing on realism". The rules do indeed play very quickly and even the most dry-footed of ground-pounding wargamers will be able to pick these up in a very short space of time. Record keeping is kept to an absolute minimum whilst all die rolls are made using a d10, so no need to carry around a pile of different types.Martin's site also includes an ever-expanding list of ship data, so it is well worth a visit on a regular basis!

The aim of this page will be to offer my thoughts, suggestions and other nuggets of useful (?) information for use with the rules. None of it is official - take as much or as little as you like.

A Review

I wrote a review of the rules for the Naval Wargaming List at OneList, and also for the NWS journal, "Battlefleet". I've included the review here .

"House Rules"

Follow this link to see some changes I've made to the rules to suit my own experiences of modern naval warfare.....

New Submarine Types (Appendix 4)

The following are suggested stats for a number of new submarine designs.

 Submarine Nation Sonar Avoidance Dice
 Astute (N) UK 2(T) 6
 Type 212 (AIP) Ger/Israel 2(T)  5
Collins Aus 1(T) 5

AIP: Air Independent Propulsion. The submarine uses a non-nuclear propulsion system which allows the battery to be recharged without having to "snorkel" (or "snort" to use current RN parlance). AIP boats will probably become the "poor man's SSN". In game terms they are treated as normal diesel submarines except they do not have to snort

New Missiles(Appendix 2)

The following are suggested stats for a number of recent missiles from the FSU and Germany (others to follow)

 Weapon  Nation AS AA Range Damage Specials
SS-N-26 Yakhont FSU  9 - V Long  Heavy SS at Very Short, Short 
SS-N-27 Alpha  FSU 9 - V Long  Heavy  SS at Very Short, Short. may be SS all the way, but reduce range to Long
 Kormoran 2  Germany  8  - Medium Medium  SS