Naval Rules Online

The following are a collecton of links to sets of naval rules that can be found online. If you have a set that you'd like featured here please let me know.

Last updated 10th December 2015

Ancient - Medieval - Renaissance - Age of Sail - Ironclad - Predreadnought - WW1 - WW2 - Modern - Uckers


Corvus - Ancient naval rules by Richard Lee

Mare Nostrum - Italian language ancient naval rules

Nauta - ancient rules by Daniele Varelli

Naval Rules - a fantasy set by M C Gianni that is perfectly good for historical games

Oceanus Strategoi - Ancient naval rules by Jeff Koppe

Ram Speed! - A quick play rule set for Ancient Naval Wargames. Its meant to be fun and flavourful.

Ramming Speed - not to be confused with the above; designed for 15mm figures.

Ram or Die - The Battle of Salamis - part of the Junior General series

Rules for Bert's Trireme Game - Blog-based fast play rules

Trireme - Ancient naval rules by Andy Watkins


Away with Honour - Wargames Rules for Naval Warfare in the Middle Ages, by Tony Cullen

Heimskringla - Viking naval

Naval Rules - a fantasy set by M C Gianni that is perfectly good for historical games

Renaissance, Piracy

Armada - part of the Junior General series

Barbarossa! - 16th Century Naval Rules for Galley Warfare by Dave Millward.

Capitana - 16th century galley warfare

La Felicissima Armada - Spanish Armada tactical rules

Lepanto - part of the Junior General series

Piracy! - Rules for ship to ship as well as man to man combat

Renaissance Naval Rules - by David Heading

Scum of the High Seas - Card driven rules from Belgium

Sea Dogs, Attack! - The Junior Generals tackle the Spanish Armada

Spanish Fury, Sail - A complete game of Warfare at Sea, 1560-1603 (offered by "The Perfect Captain")

The Battle of Lepanto - The Junior Generals and galley warfare

The Galleon and The Flame - Land and Small Naval Battles on the Spanish Main in the age of Drake and Hawkins, by Trevor A. Brabyn.

Age of Sail

A Toda Vela - Spanish language naval rules

Admiralty - Fighting Sail Warfare, 1750 - 1815

Beat to Quarters - Hex based rules for 1/1200 or 1/2400 by Don Gifford - Version 4.01 posted July 2003

- Beat to Quarters Quick Reference Card

Full Sail - A "Full Thrust" saling warfare variant

Full Sail (2) - another Full Thrust variant

General Chase - a set of rules I worked on some time ago

His Majesty's Navy - hex based rules (in development as of 27/04/11)

Letter of Marque and Reprisal - small-scale naval engagements in the 'Age of Sail'

Limeys and Slimeys - Rules for use with 15mm or 25mm figures and big ships :)

Master and Commander - rules from Capitan Games

Men o' War - AoS rules from Camp Cromwell, Australia

Naval Wargame Rules 1700 1830 - just what it says on the tin :)

Nelson's Wars - Fast play rules by Andy Watkins

Quick and Dirty Napoleonic Naval Wars - Quick, and dirty!

Rules for Naval games from the late 16th to early 19th century - hex based rules
Simple Sails - Quick and simple AoS action

Shot and Sail - Small ship actions

The Immortal Memory - naval wargames rules for Trafalgar

Tough Men with Iron Balls - Fleet action rules (based on the "Piquet" rules, which are required to use this variant)

Trafalgar - part of the Junior General series

We Have Met the Enemy and They Are Armed with Pennies! - The Junior Generals and the batle of Lake Erie. Innovative rules involving flicking pennies (hence the name!)

Ironclad and American Civil War Era

A Hotter Fire - Quick Play rules by Alan Saunders

American Civil War Naval Rules - One page naval rules for quick games, by Jim Brown

Anaconda - Fast Play Strategic Civil War Blockade Game (Junior Generals series)

Battle of Lissa - Fast play rules from the "Junior Generals" series

Corpen:1889 - Ironclad and pre-dreadnought rules inspired by GDSW's "Ironclads and Ether Flyers"

"Damn the Torpedoes!" The Battle of Mobile Bay - part of the "Junior Generals" series

Iron and Steam - Victorian / ACW Ironclad rules by Jeff Koppe

Ironclad Gunboat - a set of quick-moving, hard-hitting rules, best suited to those who wish to sacrifice a certain amount of realism for the sake of the game.

Rules for ACW River and Coastal Actions - by Jeff Peach and Les Booth

Smoke on the Water - Jason Gorringe's ACW naval rules

Steel Ships and Iron Hearts - Pre-Dreadnought Naval rules by Dick Larsen

Noddy ACW Rules - by Andy Callan


Battlefleet 1900 - Rules for the predreadnought era from the War Times Journal

Damn Battleships Again! - DBA (!!!) for the Ironclad Era, by Phil Barker

-and some useful notes on the rules here.

Naval Wargame Rules for the Russo Japanese War - Based on DBA

Quickfire - WTJ Fast Play pre-dreadnought

Steel Ships and Iron Hearts - Pre-Dreadnought Naval rules by Dick Larsen, used by the Olympic Wargaming league (OWLs).

Togo - Rules for the Russo Japanese War.

Battle of Tsushima Strait (1905) - "Monte Carlo on the High Seas" (Junior Generals series)


Battlefleet 1915 - WTJ WW1 naval rules (under development)

Coal and the Kaiser - a game of low to moderate complexity portraying tactical naval combat in the period from 1904 through 1918

Day of the Dreadnoughts - The Junior Generals and Jutland, 1916

"Der Tag" - WW1 naval rules by Simon Dennan and Nick Buckby

Dreadnought - Turn of the century naval rules by Andy Watkins

Easy Ship - WW1 naval rules

Firepower - Alienstar naval rules 1900-1945

Great War Naval Rules - Part of GR/D's "Great War" series

Instructions for Tactical and Strategical Exercises, 1921 - The RN's "wargame" rules from the post-war period

Ironclad Draughts - Towards the botonm of the page. Wargame Developments

Jutland - part of the Junior General series

Naval War - Italian language WW1 and WW2 naval rules

Quickfire - WTJ pre-dread and WW1 rules

Russo Japanese War - Another pre-dreadnought DBA set

Theres Something Wrong With Our Bloody ships Today - Staines Wargamers rules for 1/5000 (!) scale gaming

Tojo - Straightforward rules, similar to the Surface Action rules, but for naval battles of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05.

WW1 Naval - Steve Burt's WW1 naval rules


Battle of Midway - part of the Junior General series

Battle of the Atlantic - The Junior Generals and the WW2 U Boat campaign

Brawl in the Dark - Another in the Junuior Generals series, covering battles off Guadalcanal

Coastal Command - coastal forces actions in WW2

Corpen 18 - WW2 naval rules

Destroyer Commander - my variant for Victory at Sea, for smaller ships

D-CATR - computer-assisted naval miniatures rules, latest in the Shipbase series. The main page (with other goodies is here)

EasyShip - fast play WW1 and WW2 rules.

Fire on the Waters - A game of moderate-to-high complexity portraying tactical surface combat in World War II.

Firepower - Alienstar naval rules 1900-1945

High Seas Drifter - fast play rules by Ty Beard

Hunt for the Lonely Queen - as seen at Salute!

Hunters on the Shoreline - PT Dockyard rules for light forces

Midway - Historical simulation of the WWII battle of Midway.

Panzer Eight - a collection of free rules including coastal and "mainstream" WW2 naval

Schnell Rules for Schnell Boote - fast play WW2 coastal forces rules

Sea Battles - Abstract WWII Naval Strategy Game

Seas of War - Naval Rules Construction Program

Seekrieg - The SEEKRIEG site is intended as a resource for naval wargamers who, in this life, have never had the opportunity to shout "open fire" from the bridge of a warship as it plunges through a wind-whipped sea to engage the enemy.

Sea Wings - a game of aircraft carrier warfare in World War II.

Sink the Bismarck - part of the Junior General series

Surface Action - This is a simple, quick play, rule set covering surface actions in World War II.

Surface Warship - by Robert Whitfield

The Coral Sea Campaign - WW2 naval campaign rules with impressively (over) large fonts!

Tonnage War - a card game that simulates a World War battle between an Allied convoy and German submarines.

Tora, Tora, Tora - The Junior Generals and Pearl Harbor

War at Sea - Fast play rules by David Child-Dennis

WW1 and 2 Naval - Rules by Steve Burt

WW2 Naval Rules  - by "Faramir of Borg"

WW2 Naval Easyplay - Rules by David Child-Dennis

WW2 Ships - Something a bit different (in wood!!)


Angels and Bears - Modern air/naval combat by David Child-Dennis

Cold War Naval Battles - the former "Modern Naval Battles card based rules

Cod War - my own rules for these most unusual actions!

EmCon C - Modern naval rules at the operational level

Go In and Sink - Derivative of the old "Sea Strike" game

Modern GQ - General Quarters for modern era games

Modern Naval Rules - Fast Play rules from David Child-Dennis

Red Star White Star - more rules from the prolific David Child-Dennis

Subs and SAMs - by Phil Barker, the designer of DBA, etc.


Aquazone - The Game of Deep Sea Exploration & Combat !

Stingray, Stingray! - Anything can happen in the next half hour using these rules for subaquatic mayhem in the Gerry Anderson universe!


The ultimate "play at sea" game - a real tradition of the Royal Navy!!